Hall plan


Hall dimensions

The total dimensions of the hall are 17.5 metres by 8.4 metres. The dimensions of the main open area are 8.4 metres by 11 metres.

Garden dimensions

There is a small garden with a patio. The patio measure just over 10.7 metres wide by approximately 4.2 metres deep and the garden is also 10.7 metres wide and about 13.7 metres to the back fence. Beyond the fence is a beautiful view of farmland.

Price range

Private Commercial
Daytime 9 am - 6pm £12.50 £18.00
Evening (except Fridays) 6 pm - 11 pm £14.00 £21.00
Daytime 9 am - 6 pm £14.00 £25.00
Evening (and Fridays) 6 pm - 11 pm £18.00 £30.00
Whole day      
Weekday   £120.00 £176.00
Weekend   £165.00 £240.00

Special rates are available for village residents and special cases, please enquire.


  • A small kitchen with sink, fridge, microwave and dishwasher
  • Plates, crockery and cutlery
  • 9 rectangular tables - 182 x 78cm
  • 60 padded chairs and 20 hard plastic ones
  • 3 display screens
  • An amplifier and multi-source player. You can play CDs, use Bluetooth, USB, or connect any device via a 3.5mm audio in socket - you must provide cables. The systems is kept locked so please ask the lettings secretary for details of how to get access. If you need microphones these are available for a small additional charge
  • Use of the garden

Available booking times

The hall is available from 9am but must be completely cleared by midnight.

What is the Damage Waiver?

This is a sum of money paid to offset the cost should the hirer cause loss or damage to the hall or its contents. The sum will be refunded if there is no loss or damage.

How many people can be accommodated in the Hall?

The Hall can accommodate an absolute maximum of 80 sitting in rows or 60 sitting down at tables to eat. Chairs and tables are sufficient for these numbers.

Is crockery and cutlery provided?


Can the garden be used?

Yes with consideration to the neighbours.

Can a Bouncy Castle be used?


Can a barbecue be used?


Can we get into the halls early to set up?

Yes but the time must be included in the overall booking.

Can we sell alcohol?

A special licence is required for this. Our chairman can help. You can provide alcohol free of charge or brought in by guests for their own consumption.

Is there a projection screen?


Are there display screens?

The hall has three folding desktop units each measuring approximately 85 cm high by 1½ metres wide.

What do we do with rubbish?

All rubbish should be taken away from the hall premises for disposal by the hirer and the hall left clean and tidy.

Is there a hearing loop to aid the hearing of those with deaf aids?


Does the hall have a telephone?

No but there currently is a call box immediately outside. Mobile coverage is weak in the area.

Is there Internet access


Can we hire the hall for teenage parties?

Currently no, due to the risk of gatecrashers and under-age drinking.

Click here  to download the Hirer's Handbook.